AI Auto Reframing

ClipGOAT's AI Auto Reframing feature goes over the video frames, and ensures that clip cropping focuses on the speaker's face. Vertical video editing has never been this easy.

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Turn your horizontal videos into vertical clips in only a few taps

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually cropping your favourite YouTube moments for vertical platforms. With ClipGOAT's advanced AI tech, the subject in your clips is automatically detected and perfectly centered, guaranteeing seamless vertical reframing for all your social media needs. Whether you're creating content for Reels, TikTok, or Stories, ClipGOAT ensures that your videos look professional and engaging every time. Enjoy the convenience and precision of ClipGOAT, and focus on what you love: creating amazing content.

How does AI Auto Reframing works?


Upload your video

Start by adding your video URL, or the channel name, and pressing "Get clips".


AI Auto Reframing

The AI then finds people's faces in the clip frames, and will focus on them. That allows the vertical cropping to always include the speaker in the frame.


Export your video

Once your video is ready, you can choose the export quality you want, and download it.

Save Time

Ditch manual editing and focus on creating more engaging content, while ClipGOAT's Ai Clip Editor does all the hard work for you.

Seamless Repositioning

The AI Auto Reframing keeps your subject perfectly centered, even if they move. Your vertical clips will always focus on whoever is speaking at the time.

Maximize Engagement

Captivate your audience on vertical platforms with perfectly formatted clips.


Still have questions?

Does Auto Reframing work with all videos?

ClipGOAT works best with videos featuring clear subjects, one person per camera angle. However, even if two or more people are appearing on the screen, the AI will work it's best to focus on the main speaker. This way it can still work wonders on most YouTube content.

Is there a quality loss when using Auto Reframing?

ClipGOAT prioritizes maintaining video quality while reframing. In rare cases, the AI Auto Reframing will make slight adjustments, and that can impact the quality of the final video. But there rare cases are very rare.

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