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ClipGOAT turns long videos into social media-ready clips. Upload your link, and let the AI Clipping find and format the best moments for you. No skills required!

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Get your videos clipped with ClipGOAT's AI Clipping feature

Want to make short teasers or exciting parts from your long-form videos? With ClipGOAT's AI Clip Editor, you can do all that without any trouble. Just upload your video link, and our AI Clipping feature will automatically find and clip the most engaging moments. In just a few moments, your vertical video clips will be ready for social media with the perfect format, headline, and design. You don't need to be a video editing expert – Simply upload your video link, and let ClipGOAT handle all the hard work with its advanced AI technology.

How does AI Clipping works?


Upload your video

Start by adding your video URL, or the channel name, and pressing "Get clips"


AI Clipping

After the transcription is complete, our AI detects the most relatable, funny, and/or interesting clips of your video. It generates from 3 to 15 clips.


Export your video

Once your video is ready, you can choose the export quality you want, and download it.

Save Time

Still spending hours manually editing your videos? With ClipGOAT's AI Clipping feature, you can revolutionize your editing process. Our AI Clip Editor automates the entire clipping process, identifying the most engaging moments in your videos and turning them into social media-ready clips in just moments. What traditionally takes you hours can now be accomplished swiftly, allowing you to focus on creating more content.

No Downloads Required

Forget about cumbersome installations or software downloads. ClipGOAT operates entirely from your browser, allowing you to upload your videos and get them clipped online. Simply visit our site, upload your video, and let our AI Clipping feature do the rest. Streamline your workflow and save yourself the work with our convenient, web-based solution.

Enhance Your Reach

In the competitive world of content creation, ClipGOAT's AI Clipping feature helps you stand out. Our AI-driven technology not only simplifies the editing process but also optimizes your clips for maximum engagement. By identifying the most interesting segments of your videos, this feature ensures that your content captures and retains audience attention, boosting your reach across social media platforms.


Still have questions?

What types of videos work best with the AI Clipping feature?

ClipGOAT's AI Clipping feature works with a variety of long-form YouTube videos, including:

  • Vlogs: Capture the most interesting moments of your daily life.
  • Tutorials: Highlight key steps and tips for quick, informative clips.
  • Podcasts: Clip the best, most relevant moments of the conversation.
  • Interviews: Focus on the most insightful and engaging parts of conversations.
  • Product Reviews: Extract the key highlights and insights of your review, providing quick access to essential information.
  • Trendy content: From challenges and pranks to reaction videos, identify and clip the most entertaining segments.
  • Gaming Highlights: Capture and highlight the best moments from your favorite video games.

Our AI is versatile and can enhance any content by finding and clipping the most engaging parts.

How long does it take to generate clips using the AI Clipping feature?

The time it takes to generate clips depends on the length of the video, but ClipGOAT's AI Clipping feature is designed to be fast and efficient. Typically, it takes just a few seconds for the AI to analyze your video, find the best moments, and create the vertical clips. This AI Clip Editor allows you to spend less time editing and more time creating new content.

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