AI Generated Hook

ClipGOAT's AI Generated Hook feature will automatically find and clip the best moments of your videos.

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Grab your viewers' attention with ClipGOAT's AI Generated Hook

Make your videos stand out with ClipGOAT's AI Generated Hook. This tool carefully analyses the content of the video by transcribing it and and picking up on the contextual cues and provides you with a one-sentence hook designed to grab your viewers' attention right.

How does AI Clipping works?


Upload your video

Start by adding your video URL, or the channel name, and pressing "Get clips".


AI Generated Hook

Once the clips are created, our AI transcribes the audio and analyses the context of the video. This step ensures that we understand the content and the key moments that will resonate with viewers. Using the transcription and context clues, our AI crafts a compelling hook.


Export your video

Once your video is ready, you can choose the export quality you want, and download it.

Increased Viewer Engagement

The tool is designed to grab viewers' attention right from the start, ensuring that they stay interested and engaged with the content. Our AI carefully analyses the transcription and the contextual cues from the video to create a thrilling hook for your videos.

Improved Retention

By suggesting a hook that creates curiosity, it encourages viewers to watch the entire video, boosting retention rates!

Saves Time

Save time and effort by using ClipGOAT's AI-generated hook, eliminating the need for guesswork or manual searching for attention-grabbing hooks from various sources. Our AI streamlines your process by generating tailored hooks directly from the video content without the hassle of intuitive guessing or research from external sources.


Still have questions?

How does the AI determine the best hook for my video?

Our AI analyzes the transcription and context of your video clips to identify key moments and themes. It then crafts a hook that teases an exciting ending, includes a funny line, or creates curiosity to draw viewers in.

Can I customize the hooks generated by the AI?

Yes, you can edit and customize the AI-generated hooks to better fit your style or message. Our tool provides a great starting point, but we believe your personal touch can make it even more impactful.

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