AI Virality Score

ClipGOAT's AI Virality Score feature will predict your clips' potential of going viral on TikTok.

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Get the viral potential of your videos with ClipGOAT's AI Virality Score

Want to know how well your clips might perform on TikTok before you post them? The Virality Score quantifies the potential of your video going viral. Our advanced AI analyses your clip using multiple factors, including clipping precision, face detection, the impact of the hook, title, and hashtags, and secret meta analysis to show the virality potential of each clip. In just a few moments, your vertical video clips will be ready for TikTok, Reels and Shorts with their Virality Score.

How does AI Virality Score works?


Upload your video

Start by adding your video URL, or the channel name, and pressing "Get clips".


AI Virality Score

After the video has been clipped, the AI examines face detection, hooks, titles, and hashtags, secret meta analysis to evaluate the video’s overall potential. Each clip created is assigned a virality score, with the highest-scored video at the top, moving down to the least-scored video.


Export your video

Once your video is ready, you can choose the export quality you want, and download it.

Maximize Your Social Media Reach

With ClipGOAT's AI Virality Score, you can significantly enhance your content's performance on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Our advanced algorithm analyzes critical factors, providing you with a comprehensive score that predicts your clip's potential virality. This feature ensures that your videos are optimized for maximum engagement on social media platforms, allowing you create engaging content with minimum effort.

Improve Your Content Strategy with Predictive Analytics

Leverage the power of predictive analytics with ClipGOAT's AI Virality Score. By understanding which elements of your video contribute most to its potential virality, you can make informed decisions about future content. Our AI not only assesses your current clips but also provides guidance on how to improve your content strategy, helping you consistently produce high-performing videos that resonate with your audience.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

To succeed in working with social media, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. ClipGOAT's AI Virality Score gives you a competitive edge by providing you with an in-depth analysis of your videos' potential success. This allows you to make data-driven adjustments and improvements, ensuring your content stands out in the crowded digital landscape. Stay ahead with insights that help you create more engaging and viral content, positioning you on the top of your niche.


Still have questions?

How does the AI determine the virality potential of my video?

Our advanced AI examines various factors including clipping quality, face detection, hooks, titles, hashtags, and secret meta analysis to evaluate your video's overall potential. Each clip is assigned a virality score, allowing you to understand its performance relative to others.

How can I interpret the virality score provided by the AI?

The virality score indicates the potential of your video going viral based on various factors analyzed by our AI. Higher scores suggest a greater likelihood of engagement and shares on social media platforms. It's a valuable metric for understanding your video's performance and optimizing your content strategy accordingly.

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