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In order to go viral on social media, your content needs to be good, and look good. ClipGOAT's export resolution guarantees that the quality of your video is never lost. Get your high-definition clips in seconds, with ClipGOAT.

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Get high-definition 1080p Video Exports

Our powerful export feature ensures that your videos are presented in crystal-clear 1080p resolution, not a pixel out of place. This feature ensures that your YouTube videos are transformed into TikToks, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts while maintaining their high-definition quality without compromising on excellence. Impress your audience with sharp, vibrant visuals that stand out on any platform.

Note: 1080p exports are available for users of the Pro Creator plan. Users of the Starter plan can test ClipGOAT and still get good quality clips with 720p exports.


Better Engagement

Audiences are more likely to engage with and share content that looks good, helping your videos go viral.

Increased Viewer Retention

High-quality visuals can help keep viewers watching longer, improving your retention rates and overall viewer satisfaction.

Improved Branding

Consistently producing high-quality content strengthens your brand's image and credibility.


Still have questions?

What is the resolution of the exported videos in the free plan?

In the free plan, the exported videos are presented in 720p resolution.

Can I switch between resolutions for video exports?

Yes, you can switch between resolutions for video exports based on your plan. The free plan offers exports in 720p, while the paid plans unlock exports in 1080p resolution.

Why is 1080p resolution important for video exports?

1080p resolution ensures that your videos are presented in high-definition quality, with sharp, vibrant visuals that stand out on any platform. It enhances the viewing experience for your audience and reflects a higher level of professionalism in your content.

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