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With ClipGOAT's AI Clip Editor, you can enjoy  600 processing minutes a month.

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Unlock Unlimited Creativity with ClipGOAT Processing Minutes

Processing Minutes are the dedicated time allowances that ClipGOAT provides for analyzing and enhancing your video content. Free plan users enjoy 100 minutes one time, so that you can use and play around with our features. But if you're a paid user, you'll get 600 minutes of processing time every month, and you will be able to upload multiple long videos, such as webinars, or podcasts. This feature ensures you have the necessary resources to optimize your videos efficiently, helping you create high-quality content without the hassle.



Whether you're editing short clips for social media or longer videos for your website or YouTube channel, ClipGOAT's Processing Minutes provide the flexibility to tackle projects of any length or complexity.

Cost-Effective Solutions

ClipGOAT offers both free and paid plans with generous allocations of Processing Minutes. This cost-effective solution ensures that creators of all levels can access the tools they need to succeed without breaking your bank.

Scalable to Your Needs

ClipGOAT's designed to grow with you. As your content creation demands increase, our plans ensure you always have the resources you need. Whether you start with a free plan and upgrade as your projects expand, or you begin with a paid plan for more intensive needs, ClipGOAT accommodates your evolving requirements.


Still have questions?

Can I use Processing Minutes for multiple videos or just one?

You can use your Processing Minutes across multiple videos. The allocation is based on the total amount of time you spend editing videos within the ClipGOAT platform.

How many Processing Minutes do I get with the free plan?

The Starter plan includes 100 one-time Processing Minutes, allowing you to experience ClipGOAT's editing capabilities at no cost. But when you upgrade to the Pro Creator plan, you'll get 600 minutes every month.

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